29 December 2011

Bush Tetras: Cowboys In Africa & Making a Mistake

Laura Kennedy Cyanotype

After listening to Barbara Klar read Adele Bertei's tribute/remembrance of LK last nite, which you can read here, I was reminded of two photographs - a cyanotype I did of Laura back in my Pratt days and a portrait that I'll post later. Still recovering from last evening. Powerful, man.xo

28 December 2011

Laura Kennedy Memorial at Bowery Electric

Abundant electricity tonite when Bush Tetras played in Memoria to Laura. Video tomorrow. Stay tuned.xo

06 December 2011

Uma Thurman as Mia Wallace (The 1st in a series of recalled movie mind trips)

The setting is Jack Rabbit Slim's. Yes. The dance contest rocks the bones. Now close your eyes. And remember Mia Wallace. Tarantino's camera slowed down as she walks through the haze of cigarette smoke to go "powder her nose." An anticipatory mind trip...

01 December 2011

Joan Didion Dunne & Griffin Dunne-I'm still reeling

Tonight at Symphony Space was a gift/made me feel like I was high - or was it the adrenaline from watching JDD from fifth row center. She's our Dame (in every sense)...can't she be knighted/alighted. At least not taken for granted. Before "Magical Thinking" she was. Tragedy is the oddest card in the deck because it can shred and transform like you never could imagine. Thank you Joan Didi-Dunne for your tenacity, the courage of your life, and of course your art of the written word.  And Griffin...thank you for hanging out with your Aunt Joan tonight, and the documentary in progress.

Joan, PLEASE pick up that black pen (or continue to learn use of the tablet/computer) and keep writing!!! Mrs. Didion Dunne, you're needed.

30 November 2011

Time to Get My Didi-on!

My inspiration, Joan Didion (a.k.a. Didi-on), at Symphony Space in two hours. What to ask her...will probably be 2 shy to say anything.

I was led to Joan Didion before I discovered Patti Smith, the former via "Play It As It Lays," the latter within the pages of Creem Magazine circa 1972. Didion was, to me, rock and roll without being about rock and roll. No other writer on my teenage radar had the rhythm down sans pretense. Joan Didion was the exception. She shows me a map of America, a landscape of terrain, personalities, perspective. And that rhythm. I find her utterly irresistable.

Time to tend to minutiae - what to wear, what to write on JD's birthday card (hers is 12/5, mine 12/4), should I pump myself up with caffeine....

Anon xo

27 November 2011

Shelagh Delaney (1939-2011)

I was saddened to learn that writer Shelagh Delaney passed on last week. She wrote one of my favorite plays (and subsequent movie), "A Taste of Honey," and the brilliant screenplay for "Dance With a Stranger." You should see both movies immediately and be rewarded with examples of depth of character, smooth narrative flow, and of course the most intense, inspired acting by Miranda Richardson and Rita Tushingham. ["Dance" was about Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be executed in England. Added plus: Rupert Everett.] You can read about Shelagh Delaney here.

22 November 2011

Patti Smith:Rock N'Rimbaud IV

15 November 1975...Presented by The Wartoke Concern




Just found this in a pile of clippings, and it left me breathless...ah.
Thank you Patti. Thank you Rimbaud. Thank you Jane and Wartoke.
Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

21 November 2011

Lisa Genet wrote a recommendation for Amy Winehouse Foundation

Amy's legacy continues by helping others. I can't think of a better way to remember Miss Amy Winehouse...in addition to her music of course! Cheers to all connected with the AWF!

Non-Profit Organization · London, United Kingdom

17 November 2011

Laura Kennedy (In Memory of) "The Offenders"

 I went to see this because of the Bush Tetra connection. From the archives, the flyer/poster adverting the B's serialized crime caper circa late 1970's, when New York City resembled a bombed metropolis. The delightful Ann Magnuson hosted a series of evenings at Club 57 to reveal.....

15 November 2011

Laura Kennedy circa 1982

A sad day has morphed into a sadder evening. I can't write more than this.

Goodnite Lefty

Bush Tetras with Nona Hendryx and Darlene Love (in shades), Hoboken 1996 during recording of "Beauty Lies"

20 August 2011

Amy Amy Amy & Tony!

 Oh my Goodness, this is bittersweet...the heights of Amy and Tony's voices together, and the bitter fact that Amy is gone. Damn...Enjoy the clip! xo

10 August 2011

Faithfull to Winehouse

From Marianne Faithfull's official Facebook page, an interview in Variety where MF speaks about Amy Winehouse's passing:
"I haven't really spoken about it, but I do have strong feelings about her loss," Faithfull says. "She was an amazing talent. But the music business is a loathesome thing. I don't mean to be too tough about it, but it's true. For anyone creative or sensitive, it can kill. It happened to Cobain and to Elvis, and it happens over and over again."
Read the full interview here.

29 July 2011

G'Nite Amy Winehouse, xxo

Having a tough time over Amy Winehouse's death. Here she is so present of mind, and lovely...I just can't believe she is gone. I was always praying for her to get sobriety. And honestly thought she just might pull it off. There is no room or cause for blame on Amy or the people around her. Over the last several years I read that she tried to get clean and succeeded at times. She died too soon, before she had another chance at sobriety. At least that's what I keep thinking and feeling. Sad sad sad. I hate what addiction did to Amy. [I was one of the lucky ones to recover but my own sobriety did not take the first time around.Or the second.] Whatever suffering she endured, at least that is over. Our loss is heaven's gain. Rest yourself sister.xo

11 April 2011

13's Return

She's baaaack! Fresh out of prison and ready to get interrogated by House. Counting the minutes....
Photo by Annie Leibovitz

Patti Smith Burns Money

Patti Smith Burns Money
Bottom Line, NYC 1976

Marianne Faithfull

Marianne Faithfull
Town Hall, NYC

Lolita Series

Lolita Series
Bear Mountain, NY

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