15 June 2014

10 Second Make-Up Lesson

Laura Prepon as Alex Vause.
Prepon: Confirmed Jersey Girl, and proud of it!
Vause: Too badass cool.
Prepon & Vause: Irresistable. I'm just sayin'.
TEE-vee is educational!
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09 June 2014

If My Blog Could Be Retitled "A Blotter" … like PO-lice blotters … (WARNING of sorts: Explicit content)

I have to write about Alex Vause. Would my internal reaction to the character be any different if interpreted by someone other than Laura Prepon.

Is anyone else writing these names at this exact moment.

Why didn't I tell Patti that Luke pronounced her name 'Sniff' before he and I would dance to "Distant Fingers"?

Back to Alex. The sly crafter of heroin deals who knows how great she is at moving product. Who could sell you out as she ate you out and make you believe the lie as you came over and over and over her mouth.

Alex inspires my inner pornographer. Autobiographer of inner porn.
Instant hypnotist
Call her Dr. Vause,
why don't you
Lethal Alex Vause
Feral survivor under
the skin....

[Cont'd from prior …"Why didn't I tell Patti….]
Did not think of it at the time, which was not the right time anyway -
Christine's Memorial -
Falling Slowly; Paths That Cross; Somewhere Over the Rainbow
The chapel flooded with tears - for the loss of Christine; for empathy with Jay - we feel his tragic loss. Something Patti knows about: insurmountable loss. Robert, brother Todd, husband Fred. Later, Mother (and PSG info ambassador) Beverly.
How do we grieve? We keep walking. Hopefully, one foot forward following the one that came before it. Heart science.

Is this a blog? No. It is a blotter of thoughts. A bottle of mysterious elixirs. Skull and Xbones on the label optional.

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