30 November 2010

Lady Clementina Hawarden

An amazing photographer from the mid-19th Century who has re-ignited my pass(obsess)ion for "seeing" the world in everyone.

24 November 2010

Cherry Vanilla - 2010... and from the archives

I can't remember the last time I saw the vivacious, charming, good soul who is Cherry Vanilla, but at Barnes & Noble Monday evening it felt like she never left New York. There was a shiny black Yamaha piano on the stage; my wish was granted when I heard the straight outta a speakeasy lead-in of "I Know How To Hook" from Cherry's "Bad Girl" album.. And there she was, right on cue to pick up the vocals. Everyone applauded and cheered - this dame was BACK! CV was generous with us: she read excerpts from her new autobio, "Lick Me", read/sang poems, and schmoozed. I think everyone had a great time that nite. Cherry's hair is no longer red, but it is still a shade that's totally unique. It becomes her. Oh, and two more thoughts: 1. She is lovely to look at, and 2. Vanilla is a mensch. More later...

03 November 2010

Post-Election Day Inspirations...

Trying to remain calm in the wake of Republican victories last nite. Main branch of NY Public Libary. Meditative experience. Show is up thru January 2, 2011. xo http://exhibitions.nypl.org/recollection/introduction.html

02 November 2010

Bush Tetras' = PUNCH DRUNK

I know it's inferior but hopefully someone will think it a fun watch. Still photographs to follow soon. Last Thursday continues to work its way through my system. This is a very good thing. xo

29 October 2010

Bush Tetras = Superfu*&ingsonic

It was Beatlemania for me alloveragain in the guise of Bush Tetras. Ann Magnuson, always gracious and succinct, nailed a perfect intro by including the adjectives "coolest" and "intimidating" before BT lead off with "Boom (in the Night)". The cowbell, the maracas (which sound better as a slide than a real slide), Julia Murphy tranced-out on bass....Pat tosses the maracas down and gets way down with it. She is the white female Hendrix. Always thought so.  Dee is pounding away behind everyone, holding the foundation together. "Are you scared?" dares Cynthia, looking ageless with her blonde tresses. "Yeah!" I screamed, because I was transcended to that other place BT's take me when they are "on". Trust me, they were ON last nite at that Mudd Club/Club 57 reunion last evening at The Delancey. I want more. I'm a good addict. Hope I don't have to wait too long. Namaste BT's. [More photographs in a few days. Please stay tuned.]

21 October 2010


The Ritz, 1980 (top), at The Iriquois Hotel, NYC 1980 (below)
Found out early this morning that Ari Up has died. And I feel sad. Very. I saw The Slits at the Ritz in 1980. Stood right in front of the stage. Transfixed. Enthralled. Joyous, even. One of the oustanding shows I ever saw. Namaste, Ari.

04 April 2010

So Messed Up....I Want You....HERE

While watching Chelsea Lately last week I was shocked when I heard Chuy Bravo announce that "Miss Chelsea" would be "on Don King" later that night or the following evening. I can't remember. And I can't blame my mind lapse on too much Belvedere. I DO think that it is the result of too much Chelsea. I am obsessed on a functional level. I'll write again when I define "functional". Well, thank God Chels had had just enough spirit juice (that would be the Belvedere) to correct the little matzoh ball's mind fart. My 3 second fantasy of Chelsea with Don King perplexed me more than my 9th Grade Algebra Regents. I got a 28 on that one. Mindy Brown, who sat next to me in class, got an impressive 29. She was obviously the brains of our little back row Algebra posse.

20 March 2010

Chelsea Handler Barnes & Noble Interview

Clicking on the link above will re-direct you to B&N, where the embedded video will show up and begin automatically. WHAT...a hassola. But it IS Chelsea, so we can overlook the minor inconvenience. Enjoy! And then click the back button on your browser to return to my blog. Thank you!

10 March 2010

Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang

After the Asian publicist introduced Our Miss Handler last nite at B&N, Chelsea took the microphone and courteously said "Thank you, Asian. I want to thank you all for waiting for me. I wouldn't do that for anybody. I appreciate it." Chelsea was stylin' in a black and white (or was it navy blue?) striped dress (maybe she left her ruffle-loving lesbian stylist back in L.A.). I have never been to a book-signing that seemed to border on Beatlemania, but last night came pretty close. Love you Chelsea, your wanna-be lesbian nugget, Lisa xo

Patti Smith Burns Money

Patti Smith Burns Money
Bottom Line, NYC 1976

Marianne Faithfull

Marianne Faithfull
Town Hall, NYC

Lolita Series

Lolita Series
Bear Mountain, NY

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