14 September 2012

Thinking of Amy Winehouse today...

From the Amy Winehouse Foundation...

September 14, 2012

Today marks what would have been the 29th birthday of Amy Winehouse. Whilst the world continues to mourn the loss of a true superstar, her family – first and foremost – remember the daughter, niece and sister that is no longer with them.

Whilst we have, in the last twelve months, been able to establish our Foundation in memory of her, and make huge strides and changes in the lives of people we have been able to support, we would of course have wished that none of this would have happened, and that we’d today be celebrating this day by calling her up, having a chat, going round and seeing, having a cup of tea made by, and, in all probability, having a bit of an argument with Amy. Make no mistake, though, that she continues to be our first thought when waking up, and our last when laying our heads down for sleep.

To all who have sent messages of love and support, we send our sincere gratitude and love, and ask all who supported her to never forget the beautiful spirit that was Amy Winehouse.

The Winehouse family.

22 July 2012

Amy, Amy, Amy

In the first few weeks after Amy Winehouse passed on, I held a silly notion of hope that someone - her family? - had pulled a fast one on the press and the public. Hoaxed it to the extreme so she could get sober in the privacy of her own hell, and in time come out the other side. Amy, without the paps, or boyfriends, to hocken her ha'chinik. Hopefully Amy would emerge with an inner strength earned by getting off the sauce and staying off the sauce.
As we all know this is not what happened.
In the year since Amy's death it has often been too painful to listen to The Voice. On the flip side of that pain is pure joy when Amy's music comes out the Bowers & Wilkins. No other music I listen to approaches her brilliance and organic musicality. Yes, I am still sad that she no longer walks the earth like we do. There is some degree of consolation when I read about The Amy Winehouse Foundation doing good work. It honors her life; she deserves it.

12 May 2012

Zola Jesus at the Guggenheim

The first time I heard Zola Jesus was about six months ago when Mary slapped her 2nd CD onto the disc tray, and this voice emerged from the B&W's. "Who is THIS?", I asked. "Zola Jesus," Mary replied. "Soul of Jesus?" I was seeking corroboration on this dame's name. "No. Zola. Jesus.," Mary enunciated.  And set me straight enough to attend Zola's show at the Guggenheim last Thursday nite. It was an event of dizzying proportions for me because I have a combination of claustro/crowdphobia, and  acrophobia. Zola's  voice helped to keep me calm, and I was surprised that such a huge voice emerged from this little wisp of  a girl! I'm not sure the acoustics of the museum were the best forum for her talent, but it was a damn cool setting.

20 April 2012

Distant Passage - Lizzy Mercier Descloux

Too sad for me to think about Lizzy's passing for more than the length of a song....I'm talking about the duration of the clever "Milk Sheik" for example. Miss you Lizzy, and thanks for the cool music - and trading me for your black & white jacket w/the red 'x' over the heart!

Berry Berenson Perkins

In the haste of my day, I forgot to pay tribute to Berry Berenson Perkins and her birthday on 14th April. She was an early heroine of mine after I read her interview with Tony Perkins in the November 1972 issue of Andy Warhol's Interview. [The entire piece with photographs by Berry can be read here.] Berry Berenson's cinematic resume gained my instant respect, notably in "Remember My Name," where she psychologically duked it out with Geraldine Chaplin. I'll write more later....for now, Namaste Berry (and Tony) Perkins.

12 February 2012

THE KILLS 10th Anniversary Show@T5 UPDATED: Patsy Cline's "Crazy"

THE KILLS 10th Anniversary Show streaming and screaming from T5 tonite (Feb. 11) in NYC...thanksto MTV. And most of all,
thanks to Jamie and Alison for ten years of exciting aural trips!!!

UPDATE (Feb. 16): MTV will post the entire show in the days/weeks to come, so check back here as I will have the link. For now, please enjoy Alison & Jamie take on Patsy Cline's "Crazy". Don't forget to aim your pointing device at the lower right corner of the video to view in lurid full screen color!

Patti Smith Burns Money

Patti Smith Burns Money
Bottom Line, NYC 1976

Marianne Faithfull

Marianne Faithfull
Town Hall, NYC

Lolita Series

Lolita Series
Bear Mountain, NY

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