22 March 2009

Happy Spring from Pac Man

A happy Spring 2009 to everyone.
Baseball season is almost here, a little more pep in my steps, but a good nite's sleep still eludes me. What's a girl to do? I hate watching graveyard shift TEE-vee, but am too tired to read. My downfall is going into my red kitchen and raiding the cupboards and fridge. I haven't worn a bathing suit for more summers than I care to admit to. It's a pain in the neck having extra weight on, but I'll keep trying to zip my lip...especially at nite!
I'm continuing to put more photographs on the blog, and other fun stuff like PacMan...an old obsession. Any suggestions or opinions are welcomed. Enjoy!

21 March 2009


The Kills "U R A Fever"

Turn on, tune in

I am tired and cranky this morning. Probably cranky because I am tired. And probably tired from being sleep deprived. I am tired to the degree that when I look at the word 'tired' I barely recognize it and think it must be mispelld [sic.]. M. Scott Peck wrote: "Life is difficult." I concur. He also felt that "romantic love" is really about dependency. If these two thoughts are put together into our psyche's (sp?), we may as well take a silver bullet to the heart. I agree with Peck, may he rest in peace, about "romantic love". I become spellbound, elevated, like nothing could touch me. It feels so good I want it to last forever. I drink in more by being with her as much as possible, until everything else around me slips away. This becomes my drug of choice; more than gin, wine, heroin, opiated hash; more than anything ever invented or grown by man or woman. It is the most dangerous substance I have ever inhaled. Romantic love can kiss my ass. And that's not me being cynical, just a realist determined to live another joyous day. There. I feel much better now. I think I need my cup of coffee.

16 March 2009

On Monday, 16 March 2009
I woke late, remembering the documentary on Marc Jacobs-Louis Vuitton that I watched with Mary (Shanley, my LP) at 4:00 this morning. We had both been asleep for one or two hours and did not want to watch any of the hundreds of info-mercials on the TEE-vee. They offer nothing we want, and I resent their airing at a time when most people are awake only because they cannot sleep. They are the vulnerable, the tired, the anxious yearning to go under so they may get a reprieve from whatever it is they are anxious about.
The Jacobs documentary could have benefitted from some editing to help with continuity and capture more of the raw energy pouring out of his chain-smoking soul. He is his own force of nature. Talk about sleep deprivation! I don't know how he functions on such a high level without alcohol or drugs to fuel him, but he does. I loved a particular shot during a show in Paris; in the front row were Catherine Denueve, Uma Thurman sitting next to her, and a few seats away sat Gillian Anderson. Gorgeous women love him. And I love the gorgeous women.
WHAT...a circle.

Patti Smith Burns Money

Patti Smith Burns Money
Bottom Line, NYC 1976

Marianne Faithfull

Marianne Faithfull
Town Hall, NYC

Lolita Series

Lolita Series
Bear Mountain, NY

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