30 November 2010

Lady Clementina Hawarden

An amazing photographer from the mid-19th Century who has re-ignited my pass(obsess)ion for "seeing" the world in everyone.

24 November 2010

Cherry Vanilla - 2010... and from the archives

I can't remember the last time I saw the vivacious, charming, good soul who is Cherry Vanilla, but at Barnes & Noble Monday evening it felt like she never left New York. There was a shiny black Yamaha piano on the stage; my wish was granted when I heard the straight outta a speakeasy lead-in of "I Know How To Hook" from Cherry's "Bad Girl" album.. And there she was, right on cue to pick up the vocals. Everyone applauded and cheered - this dame was BACK! CV was generous with us: she read excerpts from her new autobio, "Lick Me", read/sang poems, and schmoozed. I think everyone had a great time that nite. Cherry's hair is no longer red, but it is still a shade that's totally unique. It becomes her. Oh, and two more thoughts: 1. She is lovely to look at, and 2. Vanilla is a mensch. More later...

03 November 2010

Post-Election Day Inspirations...

Trying to remain calm in the wake of Republican victories last nite. Main branch of NY Public Libary. Meditative experience. Show is up thru January 2, 2011. xo http://exhibitions.nypl.org/recollection/introduction.html

02 November 2010

Bush Tetras' = PUNCH DRUNK

I know it's inferior but hopefully someone will think it a fun watch. Still photographs to follow soon. Last Thursday continues to work its way through my system. This is a very good thing. xo

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Patti Smith Burns Money

Patti Smith Burns Money
Bottom Line, NYC 1976

Marianne Faithfull

Marianne Faithfull
Town Hall, NYC

Lolita Series

Lolita Series
Bear Mountain, NY

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Artists For Peace and Justice

Artists For Peace and Justice